Running a business during the lockdown.

These are certainly hard times for everyone, especially for business owners.
Many of them are afraid of returning to normal life because they are afraid of the growing administrative backlog. A break in business also means less or no income in the company.
All this can further fill us with fear. Can we prepare to reopen the business to start up again?

All between homeschooling, renovating the home and forcing yourself to any physical activity?
I believe that with a good organization of time, you can plan a great return to business.
The key will be to plan the time accordingly. To be precise, I mean to plan your day. A notebook/planner/application will help, where we will write the most important duties of the day. By writing down things to do, you are more likely to do things and get motivated to organize better.

This time is also good to use to look at your company’s current marketing strategy. Perhaps you have not seen the need to regularly use social media platforms since your company was functioning well and you had regular customers?
Unfortunately, the lack of delivery of services may cause that customers will use someone else who was active in social media, reminding by their activities. Even if we cannot currently provide them, we should ensure ongoing contact with clients. This can be done by:

  • educating about your products
  • sharing case studies, satisfied customers
  • developing a new marketing strategy
  • announcements of new services/products
  • ​​sharing photos of your services/product
    Take advantage of the fact that people spend a lot of time online, thanks to active social media activities, you will keep in touch with existing customers and you can get new ones.