Would a Virtual Assistant be helpful?

You might feel like you need some extra help with a daily running of your business. At the same time, you don’t want to increase the company’s fixed costs by employing another person. You worry there is not enough space in your office or … your living room (as you work from home).
You think there is no solution and decide that until your business grows significantly, you will just manage it on your own. You end up firefighting and feel that your company is not growing as quickly as it could. As the owner of the company, you should focus on the tasks you do best and which bring you the most profit. Running a business may feel tiring. After some time, this situation leads to extreme exhaustion or even neglect of some obligations

Let me give you another scenario, one that involves a VA support. Cooperation with a VA leads to an increased turnover, while regaining free time so you can use it in a better, more productive way This means having time for acquiring new or servicing existing clients. There is no doubt, customer service is the basis of a good PR today, good reviews are the foundation of marketing and sales, bad reviews spread quickly and scare away potential customers. A satisfied customer is a client who can provide long-term cooperation and will recommend your services to others.
The time you spend on mundane or regular tasks could be better spent on developing the right sales process or customer service.
Administration aspect of business is not exciting and pleasant for everyone, but it takes a huge part of running the company and consumes a lot of time of every owner on daily basis. Moreover, presence in social media is a must for any business regardless of industry and the size of a company. By delegating those activities to VA you don’t waste time on learning how to manage it or creating content for your social media. You receive a regular presence in social media to maintain ongoing contact with customers and therefore have a chance to presence your services to a wider audience.
There is also no need to worry about employing anyone In return for the work delegated, you only receive an invoice for my services. No additional costs such as related to the provision of social benefits, insurance and settlement for holidays are incurred. All the above obligations remain on my side. We specify our terms of cooperation in a contract and you use VA services when you need with no further obligations.
I offer an hour of conversation to predefine the scope of cooperation. Let’s talk about how I can support you in your business and free some of your time.